The biological systems of horses, like those of humans, are complex. They involve multiple protein biomarkers, many of which researchers must measure in order to monitor immune response and infection – and ultimately determine the health of horses used for recreation, agriculture, breeding and research.

To address the needs of equine research centers, veterinary medical clinics and schools as well as animal nutrition companies, we’ve developed the first commercially available, equine-specific assay that can simultaneously measure up to 27 proteins in a single sample of horse serum or plasma – minimizing the number of blood samples that must be obtained from the animal.

This new assay, the MILLIPLEX® MAP Equine Cytokine/Chemokine Panel (launched in January 2016) enables simultaneous, or multiplexed, measurement of equine cytokines and chemokines, which are proteins released as part of a horse’s immune response.

This assay is already helping researchers better understand equine immune systems and how they react to inflammation and infection.


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